Monday, April 1, 2013

March trip to Hiroshima (home); Smarch health

Still playing catch-up in my bloggity-shmer-shmog.
So if I had to sum up March with one general trend, it would be the cold that I am miraculously getting over the very day it became April.
Yes, I started to feel ill March 1st, took it easy that first weekend, went back to work, and slowly got mostly better in time for my trip to Hiroshima! (More on that in a second)
The first morning I awoke there however, I had completely lost my voice, and was surrounded by people I wanted nothing more than to talk at length with -- not to mention missing out on karaoke! However, my spirits were high, and my voice was (able to manage speaking) low.

Come back to NYC, and my voice started to return, but my throat got very sore and I went to a (great) new doctor, right near my apartment for some antibiotics, but by effectively killing the cause of the pain in my throat, it drove what was left of my cold straight up into my sinuses and left me feeling more miserable than ever.
Anyway, I already Tarantino'd the ending so lets go back to good stuff, and there was a LOT of good stuff!

My first trip "home" to Hiroshima in a year-and-a-half was all of 60 hours long for one of my best friends' wedding, but boy was it an epic 60 hours of carefree fun. Not having a voice couldn't wipe the smile from my face, and the look of friends who I surprised by turning up was as priceless as a MasterCard commercial.

I'll let the photos do the rest for now:
Just a few of my many awesome co-workers at Hiroshima 県庁

The reunions began immediately!

So many of my old friends who worked at bars now own their own!

Complimentary Calligraphy for our wedding presents!
Immediately after arriving I found the bride and groom at our favorite yakitori spot, Konoha!

Awesome custom snowboard wel-come-on-ing everyone to the wedding!

Commence Catholicism(?!?)

Never seen a better smarter couple!

Awesome caricatures of the bride and groom on his baseball team.

My DSK brethren (snowboarding group) did a cool performance for Kazu!

Wedding grub!

Very smart!

DSK Kirin for-eva!


Basically the best man and bride's maid.
You couldn't find two more opposite people,
but some how its always fun when they're
annoying the hell out of each other! 
The seat of honor at the after-party!

My MMA buddies letting me win!
"23", my old touch-rugby nemesis /sometime-teammate

After-after party!

That look of joy on my face comes from having too many
 amazing people in my life than days in the year to see them  all,
but every opportunity is greatly appreciated!

Sharing this moment alone was worth any amount of money

Squashed frogs at A.M.

Takabeing Taka at his new bar

Obligatory 5 A.M. ramen

Okonomiyaki at Okonomi-Mura

More joyous run-ins at Kemby's

Steve at his sexy li'l new bar doing well as well!

To top everything off this month, I went to Chinese hotpot with my local Astoria friends twice, attended several fun parties, hung out with another loving, happy couple who are expecting, got to go to an exclusive live music performance with them, enjoyed several fun new films and delicious meals with Wendy, who also did her part to help me when I was down for the count, visited the NY International auto show, and wrapped up another story I had been pitching to my reports for more than a year (pictures below for you to sort out/enjoy)!
So I guess you could say Smarch threw its worst at me, and I had a great time in spite of it all, thanks to all the amazing people in my life. 

Now can we PLEASE have some nice weather?

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