Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More stories from Work!

EDIT: MORE Grand Central pics at the bottom! Sorry it took me over a month to get these uploaded!
Danny Brucker is a native of Manhattan and a character you'd be lucky to meet! (Basically the Patron Saint of the terminal!)
 Hello from freezing New York! 
I have been super busy at work,as always. Recently a lot of things have been coming together in terms of getting my story ideas on air, which is great, and going out to film takes up a lot of time I would otherwise be sat at my desk staring at a computer. Evenwith the internet, that can become boring after a few hours!
What stories you ask? I have recently had more luck with my soft news pitches, so in the last two weeks I worked on a story about new, experimental “micro-apartments”, more space and cost efficient than aging building codes allowed for, and we just aired footage from last week’s centennial celebration of Grand Central Terminal, too. For that story I got to go on special tours of the terminal where visitors normally aren't allowed, such as down the secret staircase from the four-faced central clock, to the very top of the terminal, behind the giant outside-facing Tiffany’s stained glass clock, inside the control room, and the catwalk between the outside and inside of the main concourse, and the super-secret sub-basement that Nazi spies plotted to attack during WWII! Normally it would have been all business, but because we shared the tour with several other agencies, I had plenty of time to take photos!

The elevator down was all about function. 
My cameraman filming the old-timey AC-DC converters
Big wrenches...
These are the new solid-state converters that replaced the old.
A side-stair access with exposed NYC bedrock. You can still see the  grooves from drill holes they dropped dynamite down!
In other news, for an early Valentine’s Day present Wendy got us tickets to “Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark”, the Broadway musical with music written by U2. It was lots of fun and had cool wire work with tons of Spider-Man stuntmen flying around shooting party-streamer-web all over everyone. The set design was incredible as well! I guess what I’m saying, in movie terms, is: it wasn't Lincoln, but it was at least Star Wars!

I guess the only other thing to mention is I shaved my head again on Groundhog Day. I’d like to say it was because Punxatawney Phil didn't see his shadow, but really I was just tired of my curly, unruly hair.   

I think that about covers it, except to say I was on TV in Japan Tuesday for a phone interview of a satellite photo analyst RE: N. Korea's nuclear test sites, and Fuji TV who was at Grand Central covering the same story! Links below may stop working after a couple days:

Fuji Grand Central Terminal Story (I appear at 1:20, if you don't speak Japanese/wanna watch the whole story):
Here are the other pics I took from all over the parts of Grand Central you can't normally go (finally)!

Inside Information... get it?!?

Secret Staircase in the info booth below the clock!

The clock, up close and personal

You have to go through things like this to reach the big clock!
How's that for a "selfie"?

Behind the clock face
This 100 year old Tiffany's stained glass
is considered priceless!

Mercury crotch-shot from the clock #6 window

Inside the mother-ship controlling all trains

On the catwalk! On the catwalk! Yeah, I do my little turn on the catwalk!

Touching the sky

Spying on Michael Jordan's diners

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  1. Aghhh so jealous of your tour! That sounds amazing. I actually left NY right before the big party for this ol' guy. Must plan my flights better next time.


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