Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Food & Liquor...and work

Wendy and I at Fatty's Cafe for Brunch last Sunday!
Who reads this crap? Actually, the cool thing about having no privacy online means I have a pretty good idea of who! I thought you might be interested to know, about 50 people read each post. Not so many, but on 3 continents (plus England)! Ego sated! Thanks!!!
On to the subject at hand:
One of the best things about New York City is the food. More specifically, almost any food you can imagine. Being a giant melting pot, you can get people who actually come from the country whose cuisine they're making, and if you try a few places, you can find those people who actually did it for a living in that country before. I have become so spoiled by good food that I worry about living somewhere else...
BBQ Ribs joint

Filet Mignon!

What's left of our massacred Korean

Various exotic meats turned into burgers!

Louisiana Mac&Cheese and some tasty balls...
Crazy Korean Fruit Platter! 
Delicious French Food
French Or'devours

breaded salmon and LOBSTER(!) Mac&Cheese!

And oooh the desserts!
BBQ at my buddy's house with home-made sausages!

Pastitsio - Greek lasagna!

Locomoco (Hawaiian) delivered
And let's not forget Japanese food. There are Japanese restaurants here that are completely unauthentic but represent all the cool things America wishes were true of of Japan, like Ninja New York, or Matsuri. There are also Japanese restaurants so authentic you step inside and might as well be in Japan, such as Riki.
Ginger Ramen (not the best, but perfect broth!)
Yakiniku Teishoku (Japanese lunch set)

The other cool thing here in NYC is bars! Tons of fun bars, struggling to distinguish themselves and get you drunk at the same time! It's like the perfect wife, but less expensive, and I guess less loving if you start to throw up, so don't take my comparison too seriously.
Currently my favorite beer
A tasty lambic beer at and Irish Bar

I think I've mentioned before that my favorite bar is Crescent & Vine, a relaxed jazz-filled wine and craft beer bar with friendly patrons and even friendlier staff. Being located directly across the street from my house doesn't hurt either!
A saucy couple at C&V
Beer made in scotch-aging barrels? 'nuff said!
Believe it or not, that's my "bliss" face

If one bar deserves props despite far away and over crowded on nights with musical performances, it's the Way Station. Why? Because it's owned and operated by a freakin' nerd like me! The whole place is decorated half Steam Punk, half Doctor Who, with custom cocktails named and colored based on different doctors' sonic screwdrivers, a Pangalactic Gargleblaster that is literally whatever the bartender feels like putting in it that moment, and "The Companion", a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and shot of whiskey!
TARDIS bathroom (It's bigger on the inside!)
Bookshelf with macrame K9
Dark and Stormy (Kraken Rum and Ginger beer... delish!)
The doctor and his companion :)

Matsui back in Yankee Stadium, but...
I'll leave you with some more pics from cool places I've worked since my last post! Thanks for tuning in!
That's my sister! Bonnie D.Stroir

Taking personal pics while our cameraman actually works hard

coworkers at Sunday Brunch at Fatty's!


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  2. Compelling argument for living in NYC. Damn these tempting photos! I want ramen...


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