Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Side" Stories

There are a lot of small stories that I work on that air, but are overshadowed by larger news events, or and interesting conferences I go to that end up on cutting room floor. Best of all, I always have my smart phone camera ready to take some pics. Here are a few that have aired, or were long enough ago that I think it's alright to share online! One day, I will invest in an SLR, and up my blogging game, but for now: Please enjoy.

This is a robot, not a person, who co-starred in one of two one-act plays at Japan Society

Seinendan Theater Company + Osaka University Robot Theater Project
Written and Directed by this man, Oriza Hirata
Interviewing Rich, owner and founder of Astoria craft brewery Singlecut for a story on the U.S. craft beer boom

My reporter and cameraman posing during a story on the auction of the original Marine Corp War Memorial
(Footnote: The auction didn't meet the minimum required bid)
Japanese congressman visiting the N. Korean Abduction Display at the Japan Society in NYC
I snapped this arms-length from South Korea President Park, and UN Sec. General Ban Ki-Moon
Here's what the front of them look like, inside the Secretary General's office
Here's what they look like when I'm in the shot (amazing, right?!?)
DCTV's documentary theater ground-breaking ceremony with legend and founder Jon Alpert (in the red, plastic, construction hat), Michael Moore, and Morgan Spurlock 

Reddit's NYC Headquarters
Interviewing the general manager of Reddit, he gave me a red bull and Snoo stickers!
A candid moment in the office while preparing a sushi party for our CBS associates
The party in full swing - it was a big success!
N. Korea's UN Ambassador holding a press conference on the US using the UN's name to police the demilitarized zone.
I still have photos and stories I can't tell you about. I went to Cleveland for one, but it had nothing to do with elephants.
Iraq's Foreign Minister at the Security Council stakeout announcing progress in Iraq-Kuwait relations
A Press conference on GM and Honda cooperating for a shared Hydrogen fuel cell tech partnership
The first boat (sort of) to the Statue of Liberty on July 4th for the re-opening
Very impressive close up, always looks smaller on a smart phone camera
The re-opening ceremony was from the backside for some reason, and the sun was blazing that morning!
I got to ask a question and afterward meet Gov. Bill Richardson (D - NM), and former US Amb. to S. Korea Don Gregg
Front row seat for former PM Gordon Brown and 16th birthday and speech by Pakastani Malala Yousafzai

Since this was all work, my next post will be all play! I've been going hard at both! Leave comments, and tune in for more soon. (I know I say that every time, but to my credit, I do average about one blog a month, and as you can see, I'm quite active!)

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