Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Me Home Again!

In Japan they have a saying "Ame-otoko" or "Ame-onna" meaning a guy or girl, respectively, who always seems to bring the rain.

I must be a Hurricane Guy.
14 months ago, almost to the day, I landed in LaGuardia Airport to move to New York, and the very next day, a hurricane came for the first time in 50 years.
13 months later, I moved into my second apartment, here in Astoria.
I wanted to show you the evolution of my new place, but first let me say:
Two days after Sandy, I am FINE, everyone I know, in fact is fine. The footage is devastating to watch, but I've been working to cover it for the last two days and about 20% of NYC is without power, the trains haven't run since Sunday, and the running water in my house is brownish, but I still have running water, electricity, internet, and life will slowly return to "normal" over the next few days.

Speaking of my house:
I moved in just over a month ago.
 It's still a work in progress, but I think it's doing pretty well now. I even had my first house party!
Anyway, less talk, more photos, and some more at the end about the Hurricane Sandy.
The New Place (freshly remodeled)

The New Place (freshly remodeled)

The New Place (freshly remodeled)

After a couple trips to IKEA, it was time to get started with power drill from Zach and power juice from the Wendy's uncle Kevin!

Bed complete, but more to go (right)

Isse put the fold-out to good use before returning to Hiroshima
New fold out sofa!

Everything starting to come together! 

Living room decorated, but it's missing something...

Oh yeah! Now we're talking! Collapsible beer pong table! 

Getting ready for my first house party with snacks and a new rolly-shelf w/wine rack!

Look at that sofa comfortably seating 5, with room for more! Good investment, for good friends.

Being a ninja and losing at beer pong are both exhausting! 
As promised, here are some hurricane-related photos. Yesterday I drove a reporter and cameraman all over Lower Manhattan where the power is totally gone (except Battery Park, oddly), and it was pretty tense driving down the West Side Highway and through the city with NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS (Robots, for my South African readers...

Crazy, right? 

If you click to enlarge this image, you can see the crane that got blown backwards, up the street from my office.
Setting up for a live shot from the roof

So you see everyone, I'm still doing great! Thanks to all of you who were worried, but rest assured, all is well, and the worst is past!

(Famous last words, right?)

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