Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And Me with Nothing to Say

I don't know, blog.
It isn't always an entertaining stream-of-consciousness monologue in my head, okay?
Sometimes I'm a bit disjointed, just like my schedule. 
So here's a mishmash, a grab bag, a "Potent Potables", if you will, of photos of good times and explanations from the last couple weeks in my life:

My bass-playing buddy wanted to do a Reel Big Fish cover show for his birthday; it truly was a Happy Birthday for all!

Some tonkotsu at a new place called "Zutto". I give it 7/10
CAT SIGNAL! Protect Internet freedom people!

My first time inside the UN Security Council. See if you can spot the Ambassadors! (Hint: All 15 are there!)

These 3 crack me up! Good singers too!
There were ladies present too yo! Good singing gurls!

RANDOM SQUIRREL! (Actually this was taken while jogging! Yaaaay jogging!)

Sleep No More is like one play, happening on 20 sets, spread over 5 floors, and instead of sitting and watching, you put on a mask, and wander around like a voyeuristic ghost! Seriously, I felt more like I was in Betelgeuse than Macbeth (Which it is based on)  
Rick and I playing with out Sleep No More masks!

Went with Wendy and friends back to Flushing for some delicious Korean BBQ and tons of free bottomless side dishes!
This is not a good picture of the mighty stallion that is my good friend Evan, but we were in the middle of watching a free performance of The Twelfth Night, by Shakespeare, in Battery Park, and it was a fun night, so I like it.
 Oh, and I would be letting everyone down if I didn't mention, "Yes, OF COURSE I've saw The Dark Knight Rises" and it is better than any other movie in the genre so far! Even though I prefer Marvel characters to DC, in terms of quality and, as Wendy pointed out, presence-of-Morgan-Freeman, this movie had it all, and was right up there with The Avengers and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. It case you don't know what I'm talking about, here are movie posters for all three:

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