Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh Hello Blog, I Didn't See You There...

I blinked, and six months past.
Sorry about that... heh heh.

Often times I use the phrase "I've just been so busy at work", but let's face it, that is not all I have been busy with! I have made some great friends here and bonded over a Dr. Who themed bar and several awesome game nights; spent many a cold evening across the street at Crescent & Vine, enjoying the regularly changing menu of fine craft beers; I bought a TV, cable, internet, and another surprise for a future blog post; I located, tried out, and enrolled myself in Brazilian Jiujitsu; oh, and did I mention my girlfriend went from never living in the same city, to living in my apartment?!?
One of the many awesome board games I've gotten into

Even still, more than everything that has filled what little downtime I had, I haven't written a blog because my lifestyle has changed completely, and one of the habits that has been hard to reestablish is blogging (and jogging... perhaps I shouldn't bother to attempt clogging?).

I went to Kentucky to cover a hacking convention and interviewed Kevin Mitnick!
Not to downplay or dismiss work too much, because it truly is one of the most fascinating parts of my life now, Here are some pictures of me or things I've snapped with my phone these past few months:

One of many days spent with Occupy Wall St.

Left to Right: Mayor Bloomberg, Director of MoMA, an aide, UNIQLO CEO Yanai, Susan Sarandon?!?... Yup.

This is less than one fifth of the TVs in our office.
Our reporter interviews the Japanese Ambassador to the UN

I went to Florida for work too, but I can't tell you why!

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon with the Governor of Hiroshima (I still think of him as "my" governor), Yuzaki

Some of my Hiroshima Int'l Affairs Coworkers came to New York with the governor!

Nobuyuki Tsujii, a blind pianist, playing Carnegie Hall! Imagine memorizing multiple 20-minute long sonatas!

Another huge Occupy Wall St. Protest after they were "evicted" from Zuccotti Park (a public, 24-hr park)

A wreath at the N. Korean Mission to the UN for Kim Jong-il and the Rockefeller Xmas Tree light-up
Some concept cars at the Detroit Int'l Auto Show
Getting on a bus to MCAS Miramar in San Diego. That day, I rode an Osprey!

Our reporter with Uggie, the star of Oscar-winner, The Artist, on top of the Empire State Building!

Snapped this at the Giants Parade!

Media Circus outside Whitney Houston's funeral

Whitney's Hearse (Aren't hearses supposed to be black?)
My old Brazilian Jiujitsu Dojo (They just relocated! More pics soon.)
Only Japan would spend money on thanking America for donating to their recovery.

Our reporter did an awesome live report where he threw on a Lin jersey!

A Japanese musical performance inside the UN General Assembly Hall

Cameramen killing time at a stake-out. After a few hours of doing nothing, everything is funny!

I know this can seem like a dream job of endless interest and excitement, but remember, this is just the highlight reel! I'm not showing you the many hours of sitting in the office, researching stories, and studying new topics. Still, I do love my job.

I know what I want to do in life (work, blog, jujitsu, etc.), and really, I still haven't found a harmonious balance, so now I have to follow through. I promise to blog more frequently!
But also, I fly to Thailand at the end of the month!
Now, I am bragging!

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!

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